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Maria Rita Zappelli
Perugia’s history told through its streets

Isbn: 9788860745484
Collana: Guide al territorio

€ 12,00

Who were the residents of Pig Street? Why did Perugians only fight other Perugians in the meadow known as “The Battlefield”? In 1504 a “flying machine” was launched off the roof of the Danti Palace into the piazza below—was it successful? In 1999 Maria Rita Zappelli wrote Caro Viario, a book that is not simply a collection of stories and anecdotes but rather a true volume of Perugia history. It’s a testament to a city whose cultural wealth resides not only in its
palaces and chapels, but also in its people—all recounted through the city’s streets and piazzas, brought to life by Zappelli.
Informazioni sull'autore

Maria Rita Zappelli was born in the Umbrian town of Trevi but moved at a young age to Perugia, where she studied Classical Literature.
She was intrigued by traditions in all its aspects, she later received a diploma in Herbalism. She opened Perugia’s first store for herbal medicine, which she only recently left. Her love for Perugia, the curiosity for the memories of the past and the work for their preservation, to avoid losing the cultural heritage that they embody, inspired this book.


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